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GROIDS – live granular synthesis controlled with leap motion

Demo of „groids“ version 0.1

I was fed up with over complex granular synthesis programs and vsts (especially for live setups), so i sat down and made an interface for the leap motion on top of my own granular synthesis.

What happens is that you can control a swarm of boids (bird, insect, or fishlike digital creatures) by giving them your hand position as a target, a tap of a finger spawns a couple of them.
Each boid represents one grain. (hence groids, geddit?) Depending on the position of the boid, and the angle of your hand the grains get different behaviours.
The z-axis represents the time of the recorded audio file, x-axis is responsibe on which channel (left or right) the grain is played and the y-axis determines the grains size. The hands pitch controls the volume. Various random shifts of the mentioned parameters are also available.
Stay tuned for more options (eg. pitch shift, reverse etc.)

developed with vvvv

Raul (3d flocking behaviour)
tonfilm (audiopack)